PLEASE READ: No litters are expected this year.


We are a family kennel, our bernese mountain dogs are our passion not our work.

Breeding dogs involves different issues: the duty of the breeder is to accurately choose the reproducers, considering phenotypipe and genetic value, to try to transmit qualities and limit defects to the offspring.

Hereditary factors contribute to certain health problems such as elbow and hip dysplasie, entropion, ectropion. We carefully screen our reproducers in order to prevent this happening with our dogs.

Unfourtunately in Italy we don't have a database to consult, but there have been vast improvements in recent years in the screening of dysplasia of  hip and then of elbow.

We only use reproducers screened by Centrale di Ferrara (Dott. Pareschi) or by F.S.A., which are the only two official interpreter of x-ray film in italy.

Only official evaluation are marked on the pedegree from ENCI. It’s to note that  selected parents may produce dysplastic offsprings but we can greatly reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia through selective breeding.

The true beauty of this breed, and we will never get tired of saying it, is their gentle, easygoing and tolerant character.

In choosing the reproducers we pay particular attention to this aspect, avoiding the use of scary or aggressive subjects.

We only have females at Casa Bovary but the males we use have all passed a behavioral exam.

As mentioned the females grown up within our family, with our children, and their character is appraisable by all who visit us.

Don't have hurry to purchase, but please feel free to contact us because the decision to buy a dog is not to be taken lightly, we welcome your enquires.