The puppy is weighed from birth daily to verify its growth.

It is wormed, vaccinated, weaned and lovingly cared for so that its first contact with humans is positive.

A sketch is given to hygiene through the use of a common outdoor toilet. After the first month, visits by unknown people are started, increasing the sociability of the dog.

Various and noisy games stimulate curiosity & agrave; and reinforce the character. This method, initiated by us, of stimulus and new experiences, must be followed by the new owner especially in the first months because it is; & Egrave; demonstrated that the dog's brain "shapes" also through the information of the external environment. The behavior of the owner in the first 6 months may occur; to direct the pup's cerebral development towards a correct behavior and an adequate social life, as opposed to developing numerous behavioral disorders.

The puppy leaves the breeding not before 8-10 weeks, minimum period for socializing with brothers, sisters and mum.