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It is a dog of fascinating beauty that immediately strikes. Robust and undemanding, he turns out to be a good guardian. His winning card is the cheerful, affectionate and extremely sociable character. It is the family dog par excellence, an excellent playmate for children and emotional support for the elderly.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a native Swiss breed whose origins are not known. The legend of the ancient molossi Romans are not; supported by any osteological evidence and can be only to affirm with certainty the existence of a "collective race" on the Swiss territory of utility dogs big, resistant and strong.

In the second half of the eight hundred, on the farms of the Canton of Bern, the peasants used these robust cattle, often tricolor, for the guard, the management of the cattle and the towing of carts used to transport milk.
It was only at the beginning of the twentieth century that, starting from the best specimens, we started to raise the Bernese Mountain Dog in purity and it was then that he was given the current name "Berner Sennenhund , Bernese Mountain Dog.

The Bernese is usually a very balanced and easy to handle dog. &Being endowed with a good territorial instinct, it can; prove to be a good guardian who barks to report the arrival of strangers, but having a very sociable nature, it is unlikely to be actively defensive.
Selected to help and live with the farmers of the cantons of Berne, he loves to feel like a member of the family. It sweet and tolerant with children, and generally coexists peacefully with other animals. It rejoices in our consideration and it is; always ready to move the tail as soon as you talk to him. Call our attention by giving the paw, or by pushing the hands or arms of the owner with the head, claiming caresses and hugs.

He has excellent skills; learning and an innate disposition to make itself useful, to please the owner's requests. Can be an excellent dog to use for Pet Therapy, for activities; of Civil Protection, in fact in Switzerland it is; used in Health Research, specialty similar to our activities of civil protection


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