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Your breeding of the Berner Sennehunde

Berner Sennehunde DogAt Casa Bovary you breed only the Bernese Mountain breed. The passion for these dogs ago
the difference. Every aspect, from the choice of breeders to the health of puppies, is carefully followed in breeding to ensure the welfare of the animals and the quality of breeding.

On the other hand the Bernese Mountain Dog is a special dog, it belongs to the family of Swiss cattlemen, used in the past as guard dogs, tow dogs and as shepherd dogs. Thanks to their affectionate and faithful character they are now predominantly family dogs. This dog recognizes itself immediately thanks to a long and tricolor coat that embraces black, white and tan. It is one of the favorite dogs for those who love large pets, at the same time robust and agile and characteristically docile and reliable.

Sweet and tolerant with children, the Bernese Mountain Dog is used for its balanced character even as a pet therapy dog. He is good with his fellow men and with other animals, and he is absolutely not a troublemaker. It can be protective with the family and the property, but is limited to barking without ever becoming biting.

Despite having the appearance of a soft plush, however, requires care and attention.
The first year of life is particularly demanding. It is necessary to provide a correct diet to avoid a too fast growth of this dog and it is necessary to impart a minimum of education also considering the size that will reach as an adult. But there is no more satisfying experience of following the growth of a cow's dog by establishing a deep bond of affection and complicity with it.

In the Bovary Farm, few litters are born every year, but every event is special and managed with the utmost care. The puppies are followed during the different stages of growth providing support to future owners.

Puppies Berner Dog  Master Berner Dog

The Casa Bovary method for the Berner Sennehunde

Puppies Berner Dog Study, love for the breed, method: these are the bases of our breeding, to which we can add years of experience. It starts with a careful selection of breeders, to avoid dogs with physical and behavioral problems.

Particular attention is paid to the health aspect because every owner deserves a life partner who lives long and peacefully. All of our dogs are officially radiographed hip and elbow and tested for degenerative myelopathy. The external subjects are evaluated not only morphologically but also in character: the true beauty of this dog is precisely its sociable and balanced character.

All litters are subjected to an accurate veterinary protocol: vaccines, microchips, medical checks and the issue of a relative certificate of good health. We then reserve a special care for the socialization of the Bernese mountain dog. From their birth they are looked after and pampered by us and our daughters, as soon as possible we favor contact with strangers.

With various and noisy toys, we start from the first weeks of life a sensory and environmental stimulation so that the puppies are ready to face without fear the various situations of everyday life: noises, traffic, etc. Then we give indications to the owners to continue this activity in order to guarantee the puppy serenity and balance the future.

A special gift: a puppy of Berner Sennehunde

The cowherd is certainly a dog with a captivating appearance, with a sweet and extrovert character that makes it suitable for everyone. But it is necessary to be aware that dealing with a dog requires time, dedication and adequate space.

Our breeding does gives this dog for life in the apartment as a green space is necessary for proper structural growth, even if you still have to ensure daily walks and moments of access to the house.

The puppies are sold only after 60/70 days , so they can receive a proper socialization and follow an adequate vaccination protocol, they are delivered with a health book indicating vaccinations and vermination treatments carried out, recognized by microchips and registered to ROI for the next issue of the pedigree.

At the time of leaving our kennels, puppies are used to feeding croquettes that can be continued by the new owners. The use of good quality feeds provides dogs with a balanced diet and is practical for the owners. During the growth we then offer telephone support to monitor the correct weight gain of the puppy.

What is the cost of this wonderful dog?

Berner Sennehunde kennelOften those who surf the web and ask these questions remains disconcerted by the differences in price that meets.

The price of the Bernese Mountain Dog that pays a breeder who has passion is hours and hours dedicated to the care of the puppy, clean, nursed, weaned, weighed, vaccinated, dewormed, socialized.

A beautiful, well-balanced, healthy breed dog is the result of dedication, daily work, veterinary checks, matching choices, genetic tests, proper breeding first, and then the puppies, and much more: these are the factors that determine the cost of the puppy of Bernese Mountain Dog.

It goes without saying that the prices charged by those who raise conscientiously are different from those applied by those who try to make a litter randomly or by those who unlawfully import dogs from foreign countries without genetic and health checks with unfortunate consequences for the health of our puppy.

Being living beings, of our life companions, it is right to put ethical considerations in front of mere economic considerations so as not to encourage unworthy trafficking and mistreatment.

If we can not afford to spend, we can make good by adopting donated half-breed dogs that are not at all in the B series and then postpone the purchase.

Berner Sennehunde pic

Do you want to appreciate the Bernese Mountain breed puppies that we grow in our breeding? Here are some pictures of our cowboys, their images are better than a thousand words to appreciate their beauty.

Contacts of our Bovaro del Bernese breeding in Piedmont

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