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How much time do you need to dedicate to the dog?
Before adopting a dog It is important to evaluate the time that we can dedicate to it.
Not good if the whole family leaves home in the morning and then come back in the evening after eight hours of work. The dog is a social animal, he does not like spending too much time alone. Long periods of solitude often lead to the occurrence of unwanted behavior.

The cowherd is suitable for living in an apartment?
We do not recommend adopting a dog if you live in an apartment. Not just because & eacute; can memorize options the management of the four daily outputs "to soil" is also very heavy, but also because it is walking on slippery floors & nbsp; can memorize options entail an incorrect development of the "appiombi".

Male or Female?
The male is certainly more of effect, with its size, but needs education from an early age to be well manageable because, as in all races, it tends to be dominant. The female, more small, very affectionate and suitable for families with offspring or seniors. Read a book on education advisable.

How much do you eat?
 The supply of first year is of fundamental importance for a correct skeletal development in general and in particular of the "appiombi".
We do not have to feed our cowherd on the basis of his voracious requests, but we need to have a scale and tables to keep!
You can resort to dry food, which if of good brand, turn out to be a balanced and very practical food or to resort to homemade soup, never to the leftovers of our table.

Suffers the hot?
Bernese prefers cool climate. In summer it is well that can have a cool and shady place to get sheltered during the hours hot.

 At what age can you start walking?

At 8 - 10 weeks of life you can start doing with our. cowboys short walks. Rule to remember: The dog must walk as many minutes as there are weeks of his life. Better several short walks in the day (10 minutes each) rather than just one hour.

How often do you need to wash the cowherd?
The cow's coat does not require special care, frequent brushings will ensure cleanliness and shine. Do not forget the area behind the ears to prevent the formation of annoying knots.
Its enough to use the bath 3-4 times a year, using specific products for dogs.

What is a displasy?
 Dog hip dysplasia is a disease multifactorial on the joints. Multifactorial because it is can memorize options be due to predisposing genetic factors or environmental factors: trauma, nutrition, exercise, growth medium. It manifests itself with lassit articular and progressive reduction of the contact area between the two articular surfaces, followed by cartilage alterations, bone micro-fractures. The clinical picture is variable depending on the severity.

Whats is a HD and ED?
HD: Acronym of Hip Displasias (ED), ED: Elbow Dysplasias (Elbow Displasia)
In Italy there is no requirement for radiographic control on breeding animals, but fortunately for a few years the breed clubs and the cynophilic body lend much more. attention to this pathology.
Dogs with a degree of dysplasia on the hip: A-B-C and on the elbow should be considered suitable for reproduction: O-1.
Beyond these degrees one enters the pathology and the subjects affected by reproduction must be excluded
Below the descriptive table of the degrees:

Grade A: no sign of hip dysplasia (HD 0 / HD -).
Grade B: almost normal hip joint (HD 1 / HD +/-).
Grade C: slight hip dysplasia (HD 2 / HD +).
Grade D: mean hip dysplasia
Grade E: severe hip dysplasia

Grade 0: normal elbow
Degree I & deg; light arthrosis
Grade II & deg; moderate osteoarthritis
Grade III & deg; severe osteoarthritis

 Whats is a ’entropion and ectropion?
Genetic diseases at the expense of the eye. In the entropion one has the eyelid turned towards the cornea that causes rubbing by the eyelashes on the eyeball with consequences also very serious.
Ectropion is a excessive opening towards the outside of the eyelid, and involves irritation and conjunctivitis, being the eye exposed to external agents.
Persons affected by these diseases should be excluded from reproduction.

Longevity and frequent causes of death?
A study carried out years ago in Germany shows that the average life of the cowherd is; of 7-8 years. Sometimes this age is; it is obviously outdated but often unfortunately they manifest themselves in young age; malignant histiocytosis, lung cancer, stomach twisting etc. For this reason we believe that the primary objective of the selection must be health and longevity; of the Bernese.

How to avoid stomach twisting?
This is a common pathology in large dogs, the cause of which is; still unknown.
Itsrecommended to administer the daily ration in two meals, possibly at times that allow you to have the digestive system under control.

 Is it easily educable?
The berner has a very good character, docility and agrave; and good preparation for learning. The education for is is not serious; a microchip to insert or replace. The character of the dog is modeller according to the experiences and teachings given. The active educationis fundamental task of the new owner who should start imparting it from first day with consistency and firmness.
Certainly useful to use texts on education or training courses.

Does it coexist peacefully with other animals?

Selection fruit as a utility dog and from the farm, the Bernese did not develop a predatory or hunting instinct, so there are generally no difficulties; to peaceful coexistence with other animals.

What is it a degenerative myelopathy?
Its a disease of the spinal cord, which usually affects dogs of age; between 5 and 14 years without gender differences. I treated a progressive diminution and then interruption of nerve stimuli from the brain to the limbs (and back), resulting in progressive paralysis and poor prognosis.

It has been very few years since; discovered that the DM hereditary and today also available the test to identify the anomaly of the responsible gene (SOD1).

Because only the homozygous DM / DM can manifest the disease it is necessary to carry out genetic tests and to couple only the subjects DM / DM or DM / n with subjects n / n.

Our reproducers are tested for this condition.